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Park Stickney – Jazz/Improv Harp

Die Dozent/inn/en

Bernd Sambale

Elisabeth Pawelke

Eva Curth

Fanny Herbst

Neam Tarek

Park Stickney

Ralf Kleemann

Sabine Stutz


This will be a combination workshop/masterclass format.

Each day we’ll use jazz standards to explore some basic (painless) jazz theory (chords, scales, pedal/lever slides etc etc), with the goal being that every student will leave with several pieces that they can play (and improvise with).

In addition part of the time will be used to help interested participants use improvisation as a creative practice tool with their normal non-jazz repertoire.

Students are encouraged to bring non-jazz repertoire (ideally pieces that they're working on, or which have “difficult” sections) and together we’ll find cool ways to interact with the music using improvisation, re-harmonisation, etc. – basically taking the piece apart and putting it back together, better than ever!

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Park Stickney, Harfensommer-Jazzkurs
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