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Vicente La Camera Mariño – »Harpoetica« a poetic …

Die Dozenten

Carola Pinder

Elisabeth Pawelke

Eva Curth

Fanny Herbst

Julia Martinjak

Ralf Kleemann

Sabine Stutz

Theresa Rohmund

Vicente La Camera Mariño


… and expressive approach to music

At this course we will be looking at how to arrange for celtic/lever harp in a expressive and poetic way: harmony, bass hand, counterpoint, phrasing, ornamentation, different techniques applied for lever harps …

We will be looking at traditional repertoire, O’Carolan pieces, and from my own composition work.

The idea is for the participants to have more »tools« and skills to bring out the maximum »expression« in their music, in a »poetic« way.
To be able to transmit from their »inner voice« thru the harp and in to the final music.
Also we will be exploring different ways of »fingering« derived from other harps and other periods as well as using some bass lines »ostinatos« to improvise over it.

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Harfensommer – Vicente La Camera Mariño
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Foto: Jürgen Steiner